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Why Sell with Focus?

There are a lot of real estate brokers out there, so why should you choose to sell your Stapleton home with Joe Phillips from Focus Real Estate?  We’ve briefly listed below the reasons we feel selling with Focus would be a smart move.

  • Consultative Approach:  We strive to understand our sellers’ wants and needs; treating their sale as if it were our own.  We provide guidance and advice based on our experience, always making a point to let you know of all of the pros and cons of any situation we encounter throughout the selling process.
  • Valuation Expertise:  Valuing your home for you to list it at the right price is critical and we are very diligent in our process.  Don’t settle for an agent who will just tell you what you want to hear, get the facts!  We do a free Competitive Market Analysis for anyone thinking of selling their home.
  • Reasonable Commissions:   We will sell your home for 5.3% of the sales price.  That’s 2.5% for us and 2.8% for the Buyer’s Agent (if there is one).  On a listing of $400,000 this saves you $2,800 compared to agents who want to charge you a 6.0% listing fee!  (If I am helping you sell and buy another home I can give a larger discount)
  • “SCORE”:  We’re active in a group of Stapleton brokers known as SCORE.  This group communicates about their buyers and sellers and can often times produce a buyer for your home before it even goes on the market!
  • Staging:   We’ve partnered with several Stapleton based interior design firms to provide you with full staging services for the sale of your home.  This is included in our fee so there is no additional cost to you!
  • Professional Photos:  As part of our service we have professional photos taken by Zachary Cornwell, an excellent local architectural photographer. With almost all buyers searching on-line for homes having the best photos possible makes a big difference.
  • Seller Friendly Contracts:  We set up our Listing Agreements to provide great fiduciary service as well as flexibility for our Sellers.  We only get paid if we sell your home successfully!
  • Give Back to the Community:  Real estate and the community go hand in hand.  When you buy with Synergy we’ll donate $100 to a local good cause and we’ll invite you to participate!

Don’t just ask a broker about their services, ask their recent clients.  Here is what my recent clients had to say and if you want to speak with any of them I can connect you.

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