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Why Buy with Focus?

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a real estate broker to help you buy a home in Stapleton.  We’ve briefly listed below some of the most important reasons you may want to choose Joe Phillips from Focus Real Estate to represent you as a buyer in Stapleton.

  • We Live Here:  My family and I live in Stapleton, giving us lots of insights into the neighborhood & all it has to offer.  We view every new buyer to Stapleton as a future neighbor.
  • New or Resale:  We have experience & rapport with all the Stapleton new home builders so we can help you navigate the process whether you choose to buy a new home or a resale.
  • “SCORE”:  We’re actively involved in a group of local Stapleton brokers known as SCORE, which allows us to gain access to up-coming listings even before they hit the market…giving our buyers a leg up in a competitive marketplace!
  • Buyer Financing Review:  Comparing mortgage lender quotes can be tricky if you aren’t used to reviewing them often.  We take the time to help you obtain and diligently compare multiple quotes to get you the best deal for your specific situation.
  • Interior Design:  We are partnered with several local Stapleton interior design firms and as part of our service we pay for 3 hours of their time so they can assist you with selecting finishes or decorating your new home!
  • Diligence:  We take pride in helping our clients have the home they choose to purchase thoroughly inspected by multiple contractors.  This diligence pays off and our clients have peace of mind knowing as much as possible about the home they are purchasing.
  • Flexibility:  We are available nights, weekends, lunch hours, etc to show you homes.  Living in Stapleton allows us to see new listings within minutes!
  • Give Back to the Community:  Real Estate and the community go hand in hand. When you buy with Focus we will donate $100 and our time to a local good cause.  (You’ll be invited to participate too!)
  • Buyer Friendly Contracts: We set up our Listing Agreements to provide great fiduciary service as well as flexibility to our buyers.  We only get paid if you close successfully!
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