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April 11, 2014

What’s Available With Parkwood Homes In Stapleton?

Parkwood Homes has been selling really well but they do have a handful of lots in Stapleton and this quick post will give you a snapshot of what’s available at the moment.  (If you aren’t familiar with what Parkwood builds you may want to click here first)

Parkwood currently has 8 residential lots that are available in their detached single family homes series, called the Shenandoah Collection.  All of the lots, which are about 6,500 sf to 8,000 sf (great yards!) are North of I-70 in the Conservatory Green area of Stapleton.  It varies by lot, but at this point you could build any of their current floor plans on at least one of these lots.  (Wanna check out pictures of some of their plans – check out our Parkwood Homes Pinterest Board!)  As the lots get purchased your options will become limited because Forest City (Stapleton’s master developer) rightfully does not allow the same model to be built next to each other.

These lots are available to purchase right now, they would start this summer and Parkwood takes 11-12 months so they would be ready for move in next summer.   So it sounds crazy but if you want to move in a new Parkwood by Summer 2015 now is the time to start!

I have maps with locations if you need more detail about where these lots are located.

So what else is new with Parkwood?  Their prices have been increasing, similar to the market in general, so their end prices are in the $600k’s – high $700k’s depending on the plan, location and finishes you select.  Their “Asheville” plan, which is the one with the very open main floor layout, has been selling like hotcakes.  It’s gone so well in fact that they are creating a new floor plan almost identical to it but just a touch smaller to get the price range down a bit.  (This is not on the market yet but let me know if you want the tentative plans).

Last but not least, Parkwood is going to be done with their Beacon Hill town home models in Stapleton by May and these town homes are available now!  For more info on that series click here.

That’s the quick update on Parkwood at this point, if I can be of service as a Realtor in the area for new or resale please let me know!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 545-9003 | joe@synergyret.com

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