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May 16, 2017

Thrive Home Builders Releases “Panacea” Homes in Stapleton!

Thrive Home Builders just released their new “Panacea” home collection in Stapleton and they are amazing.  That’s all there is to it.

I’ve had a chance to get to know the Thrive team over the past few years and they have been telling me about this awesome new collection that was going to allow them to feature all their energy efficiency knowledge but in a larger footprint and with a mid century modern style.  Well Panacea has arrived!

In this post I’ll provide you with the floor plans, virtual tours, pricing, lot locations and more on this exciting new series!  Once you check it all out let me know if you have interest in learning more or potentially purchasing a Panacea home.  I help a lot of buyers through the process with all 10 of Stapleton’s builders and because this is a new series that I’m very excited about I’m offering a buyer incentive.  For the first Panacea buyer I help through the process I’ll rebate $2,500 of my buyer’s agent commission at closing which you can put towards furniture, blinds or whatever you want for your new home!

Overview of Panacea

First of all, there are only 14 of these Panacea lots in Stapleton’s Beeler Park neighborhood.  Here is lot map showing their locations, the Panacea lots are the larger orangish color lots.  So there aren’t many of them and once I outline all the benefits I think you’ll see why I don’t think they’ll last long.

There are 2 floor plans, each with two elevation options.  (which just means two different exterior looks)  I’ll get into specific details on those below.  Each home has 3- 6 bedrooms and is well over 3,000 sf above grade.  You can actually get these homes close to 5,000 finished sf if you choose to finish the basement.  So these are larger and wider than the Thrive homes we’re used to in Stapleton.

The plans come with the zero energy package, which means that your energy bills will be almost entirely wiped out by the energy efficiency upgrades of the home coupled with the large solar array on the roof.  That’s hundreds of dollars per month you’d save on a home this size!

The homes come with the brand new Tesla Powerwall 2.0!  Thrive Home Builders is among the first builders in the country to roll out this new product, and they’re the first in Stapleton.

The homes all have large open great rooms on the main level, tons of natural light through the large windows, gourmet kitchens, 3 car garages, mudrooms and they will all be located on larger, premium lots that face green spaces and parks.

The finish selections you’ll make for items like carpet, tiles, hardwood floors, countertops, cabinets, etc will be done with Thrive through their “packages” selection process.  What that means is you don’t pick out each of these items individually from a virtually unlimited supply of options at a design center.  You instead choose a package at a certain price and then within that package you’ll have several options to choose from for each of these items.  There will always be a mix of warm and cool color options and from my experience on the ZEN series with Thrive, which also does this process this way, the buyers have been able to find options they like.  This packages process simplifies the process but also cuts down on the buyers options, so you’ll need to decide for yourself if it’s the right process for you.  I just like to give buyers a heads up before we start so they are aware.

There are too many features for me to list.  Healthy formaldehyde-eating drywall, 10 ft ceilings, Anderson Windows, etc.  Here is the Included Features list so you can read more.

Here is the base price sheet, which is subject to change over time.  The homes start in the mid $800k’s, but like all new builds you have to add in some other things to get to the likely end price.

In this case the likely end cost is probably in the $1.0M – $1.2M range, depending on your lot and upgrade selections.  Here is how I get there:

Base price around $850k + lot premiums of $80k – $200k + structural selections (finished basement, extra fireplaces, etc) of $25k – $80k + design center selections of $50k – $100k.  If you go with the smaller plan, keep the upgrades under control and leave the basement unfinished you could probably get it done right at $1.0M.  If you go all out, heavily upgrade things and finish the basement expect to be in the $1.2M range.

The “Retreat” Plan

The first floor plan is called the Retreat plan and it has a base price of $849,900.  I’d check out the floor plan here then take a look at this virtual tour video of the plan.

This plan has 3,206 sf above grade and can be over 4,400 finished sf if you finish the basement.  The main level has a very open great room which opens to a large covered patio.  Upstairs you’ll find 3 bedrooms and a loft or you can choose an option to have 4 bedrooms upstairs.  The master bedroom has a retreat that bumps out off the room, perfect for just relaxing on your own.  (every parent’s dream!)  If you finish the basement you can have up to 6 bedrooms.

The “Sanctuary” Plan

The second plan is the Sanctuary plan and it’s the larger of the two.  It has a base price of $859,900 and it’s 3,466 sf above grade and nearly 5,000 sf of finished space if you choose to do the optional finished basement.  You can check out the floor plan here then watch the virtual tour here.

On the main floor this home has a large L-shaped great room.  So the kitchen is open to the dining area and living room which features a fireplace flanked by huge windows.  I love this room!  You have to check it out on the virtual tour link above.  This home has a covered courtyard patio and a separate patio off the back, giving you several great outdoor spaces.  The home also features a large parlor room which can have an optional second fireplace.  Upstairs the plan has 3-4 bedrooms upstairs if you choose to swap the loft out for the 4th bedroom.  If you finish the basement you can have up to 6 bedrooms total.

Learn More!

Love what you see?  Thrive currently has 4 amazing Panacea lots that they just released.  One is a spec home (meaning it’s already started and available for sale!) of the Sanctuary plan and it’s already at the framing stage so the home will be complete in the near future.

Iff you want to move forward and learn more I’d love to chat with you.  We could go see the model home they are building, the spec home, tour the lots, check out the design center packages and then help answer any questions you have about the homes or the process.  Remember, whether you use an agent on your new build or not you pay the same price.  So why not  have someone who knows the builders and process well on your side?

If you’re new to building a new home you can check out this free Video Series we shot showing you the whole process from A-Z!

We at Focus Real Estate specialize in helping Stapleton buyers through the process, both in the resale and new build markets, so please let us know if we can be of service.

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