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December 2, 2016

What is Thrive Home Builders Building in Stapleton Now?

Thrive Home Builders, formerly known as New Town Builders, is a locally owned builder highly focused on energy efficiency & the health of their buyers.  In addition to being on the cutting edge of energy efficiency the builder also has something else no other Stapleton builder has…6 unique home series in the Stapleton neighborhood!  That allows Thrive to serve buyers looking in the high $100k’s all the way up to the $900k’s and almost everything in between.

There is a lot to cover in this overview post of what they have to offer, so let’s jump in and hit all 6 series one at a time.  If you want to move forward on a Thrive home, or any other home in Stapleton for that matter, I’m here and available to help as your buyer’s agent.  (Keep in mind you pay the same price on new builds whether you have an agent or not so why not have someone on your side that’s been through it before?)

Thrive’s 6 Unique Home Series in Stapleton:

“Element” Collection:

The Element row homes are one of Thrive’s newest series and they were created to help solve the shortage of affordable housing in Stapleton.  Thrive is currently building 165 of these row homes on the north side of Stapleton in Conservatory Green, Willow Park East and Wicker Park.  These homes are priced in the high $100k’s for a 2 bedroom home and the very low $200k’s for a 3 bedroom home.  Keep in mind that these are income -qualified homes, meaning you have to make enough to qualify for the mortgage but you can’t make more than the maximum amount they allow in the affordable housing program either.  (Currently your annual income must be at least $28,000 and it cannot exceed $44,750 – $63,900 per year, depending on the number of people in the household, to qualify but this is subject to change over time).  If you do fit those parameters I think these are a great option for you and they have a lot of them to build so you’d be able to get one.

These Element town homes are roughly 1,200 – 1,300 sf with either 2 or 3 bedrooms depending on the plan.  They are two story, with an open concept on the main level (living, dining, kitchen) and the bedrooms are upstairs.  They all have 2 car garages and exterior walls that are twice the size of many new homes to increase the insulation and energy efficiency. These homes will not have basements.

Here is their Element page where you can see the floor plans and check out the exteriors.

In addition to building these Element row homes in the areas mentioned above Thrive will also be building these in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) area of Stapleton where they will be priced at market rate, rather than the lower income qualified pricing listed above.  Meaning anyone can buy them in the Bluff Lake area, regardless of income.  Although the pricing isn’t out yet you can assume they will be more expensive and the specification level (meaning what goes into the home standard) will be higher.  I’m excited about the potential of these once they are opened up for all buyers.  I think these could draw some investor buyers (based on price and location by Fitzsimons Medical Campus as well as the Stanley Marketplace) but I also think there will be a cap on how many investor buyers can buy in this series.

They have 35 Element lots in Bluff Lake (Aurora) and they plan to begin selling in the end of January 2017.  They do not have any model homes of this series yet as it’s brand new.

“Rows” Collection:  

This series is Thrive’s attached, market rate row home series.  They’ve been building these 3 story modern row homes in Stapleton for quite a while so you’ve likely seen them before.  They have 2-3 bedrooms and range in square footage from approximately 1,200 – 1,650 sf.  The homes are very vertical, with a 2 car garage & laundry room on the main level, most of your living space in an open concept layout on the second level and then the bedrooms on the 3rd level.  There is a balcony off the main level living space and a patio off the lower level which both make them feel larger.  This series does not offer basements.

The likely end price range on these is the very high $300k’s to the low $400k’s depending on which plan you go with and the upgrades you select.  (Not sure how to calculate the end price on a new build?  You can get answers to questions like that on our New Build FAQ page)  These homes are currently being built in Conservatory Green on the North side of I-70 and they will soon be building these in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) part of the neighborhood as well.  The pricing is not out yet on the Bluff Lake homes but they will be less than the pricing described above.

They have model homes of several of these plans available to tour.

You can check out all 3 floor plans in this series and see some renderings here.

“Solaris III” Collection:

In this latest evolution of their long running single family detached home Solaris series they have 3 floor plans available; the Platte (new!), the Speer, and the Merrill.  The three floors plans range from roughly 1,800 to 2,100 sf, not including the optional finished basements, and all of them are two story plans.  Each home has 3 beds on the upper level and a potential 4th bedroom if you finish the basement.  Buyers will love the 10 ft ceilings on the main level, the open concept layout of the homes and the energy efficiency.  We personally built in this series and love our home.

This series is being built in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) neighborhood of Stapleton.  They have 40 lots in the area and as of the time I’m writing this they just started their releases so if you move quickly you can snag the best locations.  (Not familiar with the Bluff Lake (Aurora) area of Stapleton?  Here is a post I did on the area)

In this series you the base prices start in the mid to high $400k’s so you’ll likely end up in the very high $400k’s to the low $500k’s “all in” once you make all your selections.

They have a “Speer” floor plan model available to tour since it was part of their previous series.

Check out the renderings of the 3 homes here.  Floor plans to come soon!  You’ll note on the exteriors the builder has added some brick which is a nice new touch.

“Vita” Collection:  

The Vita collection is a single family home series that Thrive is building in Beeler Park, the newest area of Stapleton north of I-70. (Not familiar – learn more here)  In this series Thrive is offering 5 plans that range in sf from approximately 1,800 – 2,300, not including the optional finished basements.  These plans are very similar to the previous Solaris plans if you were familiar with those in other areas of Stapleton.

The homes are all two story, they feature fairly open floor plans on the main level where the kitchen, informal dining areas and living rooms are all open to each other.  All the homes have 10 ft ceilings on the main level, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and large islands.  They also feature 2 car garages and optional finished basements.  (Side note: contractors are really expensive right now and hard to find, if you’re going to finish the basement soon I’d suggest doing it with the builder to get it done and have it rolled into your financing)  Many of those standard features can be found with other builders, but in addition to all that these homes are also “Zero Energy Ready” (see what that means here if you’re not familiar) and they have an active radon mitigation system, advanced air filtration system and even advanced drywall that absorbs and breaks down formaldehyde!  In this series they have stepped up the game on air quality just like they did with energy efficiency in the neighborhood.  You’re not going to get all these upgrades on other homes in the area so if you have family members that are sensitive to air quality this could be a great option for you.

These homes have base prices in the high $400k’s to mid $500k’s so depending on the plan and your upgrades you’ll likely end up with an “all in” price in the low $500k’s to mid $600k’s on homes in this series.

They have released several of these homes in Beeler Park so they are available now.  If the floor plan you want isn’t immediately available they should have one soon in the near future.

Check out all 5 plans and exterior renderings of each here.  As I write this the model homes for these plans are being built.  They have a few previous models available to tour that are very similar so you can get a sense for what their homes will feel like.

Note that the Vita series, as well as the ZEN and Panacea series, will be built using a “package” approach at the design center where you make your finish selections (cabinets, counters, tile, carpet, etc).  By package approach I mean you will select one of their various packages that they offer at different price points and within that package you will have your choice of selections to choose from.  This somewhat limits the selections you can choose from but it also allows the builder to keep the cost down for your selections which helps your money stretch further at the design center.  I just want to mention this upfront because it is a bit of a deviation from how most builders do it.

“ZEN 2.0” Collection:  

In this latest evolution of their super energy efficient single family detached home series they offer three plans, the “AMP” (updated version of their HoriZEN home), the “EDG” and the “PWR”.  There are two significant differences between this series and their Vita collection.  First, these homes are “zero energy now” standard, which means they are built so efficiently & they have so much solar that your monthly bills will be all but eliminated! (all that remains is the little energy company fees that can’t be offset by your solar production)  Second, these homes sit on shallow but wide lots and they provide nice rectangular backyards, whereas the Vita collection lots are narrower but deeper.  Although the yards still aren’t large (they typically aren’t in Stapleton by design) they are a nice useful shape which allows you to have a back patio with dining area and a small yard for kids and pets.

These three plans range in sf from approximately 2,100 to 2,550 above grade, not including the optional finished basements.  So they are larger plans.  They also have very nice included standard finishes, like stainless steel KitchenAid appliances as well as all the indoor air quality innovations that I discussed above in the Vita collection section.  I think one of the smart changes they made in this series from a layout stand point compared to the first ZEN series is you can have 4 bedrooms upstairs on two of their three floor plans.  There aren’t a lot of builders that offer 4 beds upstairs (By the way…the other ones in Stapleton that do right now are Infinity, Parkwood and Wonderland in case you were wondering) and there are a lot of families that desire this bedroom layout.  In the resale market it’s tough to find a home with 4 bedrooms upstairs below $700k so I think this will help these sell well.

These homes have base prices in the $570k – $640k range so all in you’ll likely end up in the low $600k’s to low $700k’s range depending on your location, finishes, basement finish, etc.

The floor plans aren’t available yet on-line but here they are along with renderings of each plan:




They have released some lots in Beeler Park so they have availability now for all 3 plans.

The model homes of this series are being built now.  You can find some renderings of these homes and other Thrive homes on our Thrive Pinterest board.

“Panacea” Collection:

The Panacea collection is Thrive’s next collection of single family homes in Stapleton and it’s going to be like no other.  They have not released the floor plans or details yet but this is the collection where they are going to showcase all that they’ve learned in energy efficiency and home health in a series of homes that are larger than anything they’ve built in Stapleton before.  The homes will be on larger lots in some of the best locations.

The prices of these homes will likely start in the $800k’s and end up in the $900k’s.  When more information becomes available on these I’ll let you know!

So those are all your home buying options with Thrive Home Builders at the current time in Stapleton.  This was just an overview, if you saw something you liked and you want more detailed information I’m here to help.  I don’t have any affiliation to any one builder, I help buyers assess all their home buying options in Stapleton, new and resale, so they make the best decision possible for their unique situation.

Think building new sounds good but not sure how it works?  This video series will show you the process from A-Z so you know what to expect.  Stapleton New Home Building Video Series

If you have questions or need more info let me know!

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