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November 4, 2019

Three Exciting Updates from Stanley Marketplace!

Here is a quick overview of three super-duper exciting projects we’re thrilled about here at Stanley Marketplace. What a time to be alive!

Stanley Arcade opened on Friday, November 1 — in the way-upstairs space formerly home to Infinite Monkey Theorem It’s a vintage-inspired arcade with skee ball, pinball, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and a bunch of other classic games, along with some newer games, including Killer Queen, which ten people can play at one time! We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a very popular spot for adults and kiddos.

Camp Christmas is a spectacular immersive holiday experience that opens in The Hangar at Stanley on November 21 and runs through January 5. It’s produced by local artist Lonnie Hanzon and Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and it’s going to be a unique, over-the-top, family friendly extravaganza that we bet a bunch of people will want to experience twice. It’s hard to put all the wonder of this collaboration into words, but there are lots of FAQs about Camp Christmas here. We’ve been working on this for about two years and we are ridiculously excited to share Camp Christmas with all of you.

Last but not least, we’re building a commercial greenhouse just north of Stanley! They’re called Gotham Greens, and they’ll grow the equivalent of a 25-acre farm while using 97% less water. We love their mission and their products. They’ll provide food for grocery stores and restaurants, and we hope some of their products will be available inside Stanley, too. More details about them here, courtesy of the Denver Post.

For more info, check out this recent tour with Stapleton Scoop!


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