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August 14, 2015

This Week in Stapleton Real Estate

Below is the latest information on what’s happening in our Stapleton real estate market this week!

Our goal with this weekly post is to provide you with links to this week’s new listings, under contract deals and closed sales!  Note that this is just focused on the Stapleton “resale” market, if you want info on Stapleton new builds try our New Homes section.

I find that many Stapleton homeowners like to keep their eye on the market so this update will come out each Friday via Stapleton Scoop Facebook and Twitter.

Click on any of the links below to see maps, pictures and details about all of these properties!

New Stapleton Listings This Week

This week we have 10 new resale homes that hit the market.   If you know anyone looking for a Parkwood “Asheville” plan check out the new listing at 5482 Wabash.  It was just built and it’s now for up for sale.  Easy walk to the new high school.

Under Contract Stapleton Homes This Week

There were 14 homes that went under contract this week which has been the pace over the last month.  Well priced homes are going in a week, average ones are taking 2-3 weeks and some homes that were priced a little high or needed a little work took 4-6 weeks to sell.  Homes in the lower price ranges (Less than $450k) are moving quicker than those in the higher price ranges ($600k+).  I am noticing some homes, especially in the $600k+ range, that are sitting active for months.  Some of those appear to have been over-priced.

Sold Stapleton Homes This Week

There were 10 sales this week that closed this week.  Tempted to look at these sales and extrapolate what your home is worth?  This is a good area then where I should mention my thoughts on price per square foot.

I think the price the per square foot metric  is misleading one to follow and I rarely use it any more when valuing a home.  I say that because all square footage is not equal.  For example, let’s say you have a 2,000 sf home that sells for $500,000, which is $250 per sf.  Does that indicate your home, which is also 2,000 sf, is in the same value ballpark?  Not necessarily, what if your home has dated finishes, a choppy floor plan and it is on a busier street?  All of those factors could mean yours is worth $60k less and none of those factors would have been considered if you just used a price/sf analysis.  Comparing values between different builders in Stapleton is also something that could lead you astray when valuing your home.  I think every home is unique and you need to value it by comparing it directly to sold comparables and making adjustments for differences between the homes.  If you ever need a free analysis I am happy to help and there is no obligation.

See All Stapleton Active Listings

There are now 43 total active resale listings in Stapleton, which is still very low inventory for the size of the community.  The inventory has been pretty flat this whole year, really hovering around 40-45 active homes consistently.

Of the 43 homes here is a break down of how many are in each price segment.  As you can see they are pretty evenly distributed which is nice for buyers.

$800k – $1MM+:  9 listings

$600k – $800k:  10 listings

$400k – $600k:  13 listings

Less than $400k:  11 listings

If you have any questions about the info above or if I can be of service as a Stapleton based real estate broker please let me know!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com

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