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May 10, 2013

Take A Bike Ride From Stapleton Around Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge

The weather is getting better and it’s a great weekend for a bike ride!  Through an article in the Front Porch a few months ago I learned about a bike path that goes from here to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.  I recently had a chance to make the trip a few times and it was a great ride.  The first 20 minutes or so are pretty ugly and the path is convoluted but once you get there the ride is beautiful.  Once you’re in the refuge there is virtually no traffic or people.  It’s a peaceful, flat ride and you’ll likely even see some deer along the way.  Once you get into the wooded area near the lakes it feels like you’re way out in the country even though your just minutes from home in Stapleton.  If you’re going to ride with kids I’d say just drive up there and start from the refuge…the ride up with kids in traffic would not be fun.

The refuge is open from 6AM – 6PM.

If you want to do the ride I’d suggest you print out directions and take them with you.  Click here for a map.

Enjoy the ride!

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