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August 14, 2019

5 Tips for Starting a Successful School Year by Dear Abby Tutors

Written by Guest Contributor,  Abby Belasco As children across Stapleton are headed back to school, I wanted to introduce myself to the Scoop Community and share a few positive ideas to help make it a smooth transition. I am a teacher, tutor and mom in the neighborhood. I have lived in Stapleton for 12 years […]

August 12, 2019

The Scoop on Summer Skin Safety

During the summer months, I love to be outside with friends and family. But, being a redhead means I need to take extra sunscreen precautions and get regular skin check-ups with my Dermatologist. To my surprise, this was the year they found a tiny skin cancer on my face! It was removed by the amazing […]

August 8, 2019

Preventive Maintenance: What is it And Why it is Important

Periodic maintenance is necessary to make sure everything keeps working properly at home. Preventive strategies offer the best combination of effectiveness and cost savings, and ensure the systems and structure of your home or business remain sound. Even the most basic preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars, so keep this guide handy as […]

We’re Bringing Thousands of Burgers to Stanley on August 1

If you love burgers then we are pretty sure you’re going to love our next big event in the field at Stanley. It’s called Denver Burger Battle, and that’s exactly what it is – a battle to determine who makes the best burger in the greater Denver area. This is the first year Stanley has […]

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