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July 21, 2016

Stapletonians Blatantly Swinging Outside!

A few months ago, I contributed an extremely important post to the Stapleton Scoop. It was about all the swinging going on in Stapleton. It was a difficult, yet necessary contribution. Some people see swinging as ok, while others view it as cheating. My purpose was to basically create some dialogue between the two groups as to whether it really was ok to swing your weights, while working out in Stapleton.  (PS: I’m a personal trainer that owns Stapleton Personalized Training. :)….you can see that previous post here.)

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While I feel that I really made a difference in the Stapleton community by contributing my deep thoughts, I’ve noticed since then that swinging has become downright blatant within Stapleton in a different sort of way. And I feel that I even contributed to it, but I’m not going to apologize for that. As I drive around I see people are now swinging outside. Primarily I’m seeing it on porches, where at least there is a railing to give some measure of privacy. But I’ve also seen it on exposed porches with no railings, to side yards and back yards where people in the act are basically saying, “Look at us, we’re swinging!”

Why won’t I apologize for this, you ask? You see, I have a little side venture of building porch swings. Yep! All sizes and colors! You can literally tell me what you want and I’ll probably have you swinging by the weekend!

So I can hear you saying, “I want to become a swinger, but I don’t know how to take that first step!” Good news! It’s easy. I simply need you to email me at moerman120@hotmail.com with the size and color swing you would like, along with your address and phone number. I’ve made roughly 40 swings now, and the most common sizes are 5′ x 24″ and 6′ x 24″. But I can make any size you want, from one seaters to oversized swings to lay on. My personal swing is 7′ x 30″ and can be used as a regular swing and a bed swing. To see all the different sizes I’ve made, check out  our “Days End Porch Swings” Facebook page!


$350: All swings of any size are $350.

Install is usually $50, if I need to build brackets to mount to your ceiling it will be an additional $25.

Paint: White is $10, any other color you just drop a gallon of the color of your choice at my house.

I’ve really enjoyed building these because I’ve gotten to see families using them as I drive around my own community! So thanks for reading into yet another post where I played on words! I hope to see you enjoying one of my porch swings in the future!

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