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July 7, 2017

Stapleton Inventory Update for Thrive Home Builders

What is Thrive Home Builders building in Stapleton right now?  A lot!  In fact, they have more home series than any other builder in Stapleton right now so whether your budget is $200k or $1.2M this is a local builder worth checking out!

To help you check out all 7 home series quickly we put together this post that will provide you with links to floor plans, pricing, lots, “specs” (meaning homes already under construction), included features and more all in one place!

In a recent Stapleton Scoop post on Thrive Home Builders we gave details & descriptions of all homes series that they’re building in Stapleton so we won’t do that again here.  (See that post here)

Once you get a chance to review this if you want help from a Buyer’s Agent we’d love to chat. We help buyers with new builds and resales in Stapleton so no matter which way you go we’re here to help you navigate the process and find the best home for your needs.

Here’s the scoop on what Thrive Home Builders has available right now in Stapleton!

“Elements” Income Qualified Row Homes:

(Likely All in Price: Low $200k’s):

The Elements series is Thrive’s income qualified row home series that they’re selling along Central Park Blvd north of I-70.  They have all of the floor plans available at this time.  These row homes, which have end prices in the low $200k’s, are a great value but you have to be sure to qualify for the income restrictions to be eligible to purchase them.  There are a lot of details related to how this income qualified housing program works.  Here is a quick Affordable Housing FAQ sheet and if you’re interested in more info please send me an email at joe@focus-realtors.com and I’ll get you more details.  There are homes available now in this series but you have to be approved for the income qualified program with the City before Thrive will sign a contract with you.

Here is more info about row homes in this series:

Elements Floor Plans (Scroll down)

Lot locations on Central Park Block 23

Lot locations on Central Park Block 27

Included Features in the Element Series

“Bluff Lake 2 Story Rows”:

(Likely All in Price: Mid $300k’s)

Thrive is building two story row homes in Bluff Lake that are very similar to the Elements plans described above, except in this area (Bluff Lake/Aurora) the homes are “market rate” (meaning they are priced higher but available to anyone, there are no income restrictions).  They have several of these available for contract now.

These 2-3 bedroom row homes that have all in prices in the mid $300k’s have been popular with investors and owner occupant buyers.  If you’re an investor you may want act quickly though because there is a cap on how many investors can purchase these homes and there aren’t many investor spots left.

There are 2 plans in this series and each plan comes in a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom layout.

Here is more info on these 2 story Bluff Lake Rows:

Bluff Lake 2 Story Rows Base Prices

Bluff Lake 2 Story Rows Included Features

Bluff Lake 2 Story Rows Lot Map

Verbena Floor Plan

Valencia Floor Plan

“Bluff Lake 3 Story Rows”:

(Likely All in Price: High $300k’s)

Thrive’s 3 story Bluff Lake Row homes are market rate row homes (meaning anyone can purchase them, they aren’t income qualified).  Thrive has been building these 3 story row homes in Stapleton for quite a while now and they’re a great fit for anyone looking for a home in the mid $300k’s to low $400k’s.  They have all 3 floor plans available now.

These row homes have a garage and laundry on the main level, open concept living room/informal dining room/kitchen on the second level and on the third level you’ll find bedrooms and a loft (depending on the plan).

As the name implies, Thrive is building these row homes in Bluff Lake, which is in the Aurora Public Schools district. They have 20 lots available in this area and any of their 3 plans are available now.

Here is more info on these row homes:

Bluff Lake Rows 3 Story Base Prices

Bluff Lake Rows 3 Story Included Features

Curtis Floor Plan

Highland Plan

Skyline Floor Plan

Bluff Lake Rows 3 Story Lot Map

“Solaris III” Collection:

(Likely All in Price: High $400k’s/low $500k’s)

Thrive is building the Solaris III collection in Bluff Lake/Aurora.  These are great homes for buyers looking for single family homes that will finish in the high $400k’s to low $500k’s.

There are 3 plans in this series, all of which are available right now!  The plans include a few new versions of pre-existing plans (the “Speer” and the “Merrill”) and a brand new plan that I love called the “Platte”.   Check it out below, it has a large front porch, a very open and functional main level and you can build one with a finished basement for just over $500k!

They have brand new models of the Speer and Platte plans located at 2952 Fulton St Aurora, CO 80010.

Here is more info on this series:

Solaris III Base Prices

Solaris III Lot Map

Solaris III Spec Homes

Solaris III Included Features

Platte Floor Plan

Speer Floor Plan

Merrill Floor Plan

“Vita” Collection:

(Likely All in price:  High $500k’s to high $600k’s)

Vita is a single family home collection Thrive is building in the Beeler Park neighborhood of Stapleton.  This series is a great fit for buyers looking to buy in the $500k’s and $600k’s, many of which value these homes being in the highly rated Stapleton DPS school district.

There are 5 floor plans in this series, several of which are evolutions of previous popular plans and several of which are brand new.  I love the natural light (tons of windows!), the energy efficiency and the home health upgrades the builder includes standard.  (Thinks like drywall that absorbs formaldehyde and an active radon mitigation system)

Thrive recently completed a model home of the Plan 4 which is located at 9095 58th Dr Denver, CO 80238 if you want to pop through and get a sense for the homes.  They also have their other plans under construction for other buyers and they’re happy to show you those as well.

Thrive has Plans 2, 3 and 5 available and ready to close between now and Spring 2018.

Here is more info on this series:

Vita Base Prices

Vita Spec Homes

Vita Included Features

Vita Floor Plans (Scroll down)

“ZEN 2.0” Collection:

(Likely All in Price:  Mid $600k’s – High $700k’s)

Zen 2.0 is Thrive’s newest version of their “Zero Energy Now” Series, which are single family homes that have virtually no energy bills because of the energy efficiency upgrades and large solar array.  (typical bills are around $30 – $40 per month I hear from homeowners)

There are 3 floor plans in this series.  They’ve updated the exterior looks since the original ZEN so these new homes have more of a mid century modern look.  The homes are also a little larger than they used to be, they have tons of natural light and two of the plans can have 4 bedrooms upstairs which comes in really handy for a lot of buyers.

Thrive now has the PWR and EDG plans modeled at 9108 E 59th Pl Denver, CO 80238 if you want to walk them and check them up.  They also have the AMP plan under construction for several buyers too so you can walk that plan as well.

You can see a tour of the PWR and EDG plans here:

They have all of the 3 plans available now!

Here is more info on this series:

ZEN 2.0 Base Prices

Zen 2.0 Available Homes & Maps (Note that 2 of the EDG homes on this sheet have sold)

AMP Floor Plan

EDG Floor Plan

PWR Floor Plan

“Panacea” Home Collection:

(Likely All in Price:  $1.0M – $1.2M)

Panacea is Thrive’s newest and most high end home series to date.  These have all the energy efficiency upgrades you’ve come to expect from Thrive but in a larger floor plan with a stunning mid century modern look.  There are two plans in this series, both of which are available now, and they’re working on the model home right now.

Here’s a sneak peak at the model, which should be complete mid August.

The plans are 3,200 – 3,400 sf above grade, meaning not including the potential finished basements.  You can do 4 bedrooms upstairs on each plan and more bedrooms in the basement if you’d like.  So overall these are larger homes than you’re used to from Thrive in Stapleton.

They come with the zero energy package, which means that your energy bills will be almost entirely wiped out by the energy efficiency upgrades of the home coupled with the large solar array on the roof.  That’s hundreds of dollars per month you’d save on a home this size!

The homes come with the brand new Tesla Powerwall 2.0!  Thrive Home Builders is among the first builders in the country to roll out this new product, and they’re the first in Stapleton.

The homes all have large open great rooms on the main level, tons of natural light through the large windows, gourmet kitchens, 3 car garages, mudrooms and they will all be located on larger, premium lots that face green spaces and parks.

For more information on Panacea including floor plans, base pricing, lot locations and more check out this recent Stapleton Scoop post.

Wheh….that was a big update!  Hope you found some value in it.  If something caught your eye and you want more info please let us know.  Mariel and I at Focus Real Estate are here and happy to help.  To stay up to speed on all things Stapleton please be sure to sign up for the Stapleton Scoop.

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