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October 7, 2015

Parkwood Homes Stapleton Inventory Update!

Parkwood Homes is always a popular option for people looking to build a new home in Stapleton. With that classic “East Coast” style, great floor plans and large lots it’s no wonder they sell really well. If you’re looking to build a new Parkwood in Stapleton here is the scoop on their inventory!

Parkwood is currently building 2 home series in Stapleton. They are building their “Shenandoah” single family home series and their “Beacon Hill” town home series.

The Shenandoah series is a good fit for buyers looking to spend $700k – $1.1M. The Beacon Hill series is a good fit for buyers wanting to spend $575k – $650k. Keep in mind these are the ballpark end prices after all lot premiums, upgrades, etc. Obviously it’s a wide price range and it will depend on how much you choose to customize the home above and beyond their already nice standard finishes.

The purpose of this post will be to update you on the available and upcoming inventory for each of the homes series being offered by Parkwood in Stapleton. Once you review it if you think you’d be interested in building a Parkwood home I’d love to have the chance to help you as your buyer’s agent. The builder pays my commission and you pay the same price whether you have an agent or no so why not have someone who has gone through it many times before on your side?

This post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you need some background info here is a previous post on Parkwood Homes that will help. You can also check out our Parkwood Homes board on Pinterest to see some pictures and floor plans!

Inventory Information:

Parkwood “Shenandoah” Collection:

The Shenandoah single family collection is almost sold out in Willow Park East. They only have two lots left! One is a “spec” home (meaning they already started on it even though it’s not sold) that is slated to be a Saybrook plan. The second lot can be any plan you want (limited by what has been built around you…they don’t want homes next to each other that are the same). These lots are located just to the East of the new high school on a quiet street.

After these two lots are gone the next place the Shenandoah series will be built is in Wicker Park, the newest Stapleton neighborhood. Not sure where this will be? Here is an overall map of Stapleton where you can find Wicker Park at the Northeast intersection of Central Park Blvd and Prairie Meadows Drive. Once you have your bearings you can check out this zoomed in Wicker Park map where I’ve circled all the Parkwood lots in this area.  You can also check out this Wicker Park page on the Stapleton website for additional info on this area.

Parkwood scored some spectacular lots in this new Wicker Park area! If you check out the map I linked to above you’ll see they have almost all the lots directly facing the actual Wicker Park and they have all the lots facing Boston St, which is going to be a really cool highly landscaped small one way street that links Wicker Park up to the larger green space to the North. Parkwood has my favorite lots in this whole new area.

Currently Parkwood is taking reservations on lots in Wicker Park along 52nd Ave. I’ve marked on the map above which ones are currently available to reserve now. Once these are sold they’ll start to reserve more lots in the area, including the ones along Boston St. If you are interested I’d get on their interest list and then stay on top of them to be sure you are ready when they release the lot you love. (I can help you with this if you want an agent on your side!)

There are a few other things I wanted to point out before I leave this collection.

If you reserve a lot in Wicker Park it will probably be complete in late 2016. Once these Wicker Park lots are sold they will not be building in the Aurora section of Stapleton so future buyers will need to wait for Section 10 to open up. (which is east of Dick’s Sporting Good Park)

I’m not 100% sure of this but I think the homes on Boston St will be alley-loaded and the single family Parkwoods not on Boston St will be side loaded. Don’t hold me to that 100% but I am sure that they will have both alley-loaded and side loaded garages in this area. They are calling the alley-loaded homes the “Lane collection”.

Lastly, they have a couple new plans, the Saybrook and the Arlington. You can check these floor plans out on the Parkwood website.

Parkwood “Beacon Hill” Collection:

The Beacon Hill town home series is sold out in Willow Park East. This series will be built in Wicker Park as well and I’ve circled them on the map I linked to above.

Currently there are two Beacon Hill town homes available and they are on Boston St which will be really unique! (See map in link above) These two plans are the Brookline and the Newbury. Not familiar with these plans? Here is their website where you can learn more.

After Wicker Park you’ll have to wait till Section 10 to likely see this series again. They won’t be building these in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) part of Stapleton coming in 2016.

So that is the update on what Parkwood Homes has available in Stapleton. I think the big takeaway with them is they have some really unique lots coming soon and then after that it may be a bit of a wait to get into a new Parkwood.

If I can be of service as a local Stapleton real estate broker please let me know!

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