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March 16, 2017

One Tip for Finding a Home in This Tight Real Estate Market

Denver is experiencing some of the lowest available home inventory levels ever right now.  You may have seen the Denver Post article from a few weeks ago that explained that housing inventory is at it’s lowest level in Denver since 1985!

Stapleton is experiencing the same issue.  As of the time I’m writing this we have 22 total active listings and that’s in a neighborhood of roughly 8,000 homes!

If you’re a buyer right now you can attest finding a home is really tough and then even once you find one you like you have to beat out the competition.

So as a buyer what can you do to find a home before the competition?

This post just has one simple suggestion – use a neighborhood focused real estate broker.

I know that sounds self-serving but my point is that neighborhood focused real estate brokers are in the flow the deals in that specific area and they know about inventory that’s coming soon.  When you work with one of these agents they can help you find options before they hit the market, which is critical right now.

You know those homes that have the sign go up and pretty much immediately they have the under contract rider go on top?  Those are often homes that sold before they even hit the market.

As I mentioned, in Stapleton we have 22 active listings right now.  A group of us local Stapleton agents is going out on a tour today to visit each other’s coming soon listings.   (Thanks to Katie Knop and Damon Knop for organizing it each month!)  There are 9 coming soon homes on the tour.  So if you’re working with one of these neighborhood focused agents you now have access to 31 listings rather than 22, which is a 41% increase in your options.  You just gave yourself much better odds of finding the right home!

I’m not saying you need to use my services in Stapleton (although I’d love that!).  There are quite a few really great, highly-focused agents in Stapleton (Jody Donley with NPRE, Jay Epperson with Remax of Cherry Creek, Ken Greenfield with Metro Brokers just to name a few) but I am saying that no matter what neighborhood you’re buying in there are agents that focus on it that can really help you.

Zone in on the neighborhood, find the agent that focuses on it and increase your odds of finding the right home in this really tight market.

PS.  Once you find that great property here are a few ways you can make an offer that gets accepted!

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