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New Home Building Process Episode 2: Visiting Model Homes

So where does the new home buying process begin?  Most likely you searched on-line or drove around a new neighborhood and ended up at a model home.  This video highlights several things you need to know at this point in the process including:

  • How to figure out your likely end price range so you see the right models
  • What a “production builder” is versus a “custom builder”
  • Why using a buyer’s agent makes sense (and costs you nothing)
  • What to watch out for at model homes

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  13. The print of the dress is so lovely, and as much as I seem to hoard everything, I think you did completly the right thing. We can't hold onto eveything forever. A flight to India will almost certainly make for wonderful memories and something you can equally treasure xxx

    1. As a father of two with very little extra time, your site has been of great encouragement to me. I had assumed that since I did not have time to spend hours a week in the gym that I col2&nd#8u17;t get lean. But thanks to IF and being more active and of course your site I am getting there and know that I will be healthy and alive for my kids for a long time. Oh, and I agree with Daniel, Kids are great for lifting though I would avoid wood-chops. Congrats and goodluck.

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