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August 2, 2016

Need Help Navigating the Preschool & Kindergarten Process?

“How does the preschool and kindergarten process work in Stapleton?”

It’s a common question when I’m working with home buyers who are new to the Stapleton area and I’m happy to have a new resource to point people to for answers!  It’s a new company called “Preparing for Denver Kindergarten”.

I met with co-founder Keely Buchanan this morning to learn more about the consulting company and how they help parents navigate the whole preschool and kindergarten process.  As anyone who’s gone through it can attest…there is a lot to know!  Open enrollment, private schools, charter schools, dual language, innovation…..it’s enough to make your head spin.  In Stapleton it doesn’t work like it most likely did when you were a kid.  You live in this boundary so you go to this school.  It’s not that easy anymore, which is good in some ways and frustrating in others.

Denver Public Schools has information about the various programs, schools and enrollment process but buyers are still confused and navigating the process is tricky.  That’s where Keely and her business partner saw the opportunity to step in and create a consulting business centered around helping parents understand it all & get their kids in the best school possible for their unique situation.

So how do they help?  Here are their 2 main services to help parents:

Option 1 – Group Information Sessions

In these group information sessions, which cost $75 (includes 2 adults and daycare for 2 kids) and last 3 hours, they review the various school options, the different education models being used, the enrollment process, how to prepare your child, how the gifted and talented programs work, what the key dates are & more!  For many parents this will be enough information to move forward in their selection with confidence.  The sessions are offered throughout the fall and into the winter.  Get more information and see Group Session Schedule here.

Option 2 – Private Consultations

For some parents a group information session is not enough.  They want personalized attention and a focus on their specific child’s needs.  For this they offer private consultations, ranging in cost from $225 – $750 depending on the scope of the consultation and the district(s) covered.  These 1 on 1 sessions seem like a great fit for families who are busy and who are looking to make the most of their time.  By doing the 1 on 1 session they can get the information they need and zone in on the best couple of options for their child and their preferences (commute time, budget, public, private, etc).  By spending the money up front they are probably saving a lot of time investigating schools that Preparing for Denver Kindergarten may already know don’t fit the child’s needs.

Could you run to all the schools, research online and figure all this stuff out on your own?  Probably, but you still wouldn’t likely know as much as this company that does it all day and you have to decide what your time is worth.  If you can tap into their knowledge and save yourself a huge headache checking out Preparing for Denver Kindergarten may be worth checking out.

For more information visit the “Preparing for Denver Kindergarten” website and “like’ their Facebook Page to stay up to date on classes, new schools and more.   You can also give them a call at (303) 638-2894.


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  1. mm

    Thanks Joe! We are excited to continue to work with Stapleton parents!

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