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August 29, 2019

Lennar “Spec” Homes Available in Stapleton Now!

Here’s the scoop on what Lennar has to offer in their Generations series in Stapleton right now.  Learn about a few spec homes (meaning already under construction) including one that closes in September as well as some future lots. Also, you’re invited to Lennar’s Coffee and Pastries this Saturday, August 31st from 10am-1pm. Tour the model homes and learn more about everything included with Lennar homes.

Before I dive in and give you the details here is Lennar’s website for this series to get you up to speed on what Lennar builds in Stapleton.

I love the Lennar “Generations” series because they all come with a Next Gen suite, which many of you would consider a “mother in law suite”.  The attached suite has its own entrance, kitchenette, laundry, bathroom, bedroom and living room!  That makes it perfect for a little Airbnb rental (check the rules out before you buy to make sure your rental plan is City-approved), nanny quarters, a teenager hang out, a home office, or of course a place to stay for your actual mother in law! Also, each home has a 3-car garage and a roughly 1,500 sq ft unfinished basement.

Lennar has  4 spec homes available and they have some dirt lots coming soon where you can still make your own selections.  You can see some details on these mid $700k’s spec homes (that’s’ your all-in finished price) by checking out this inventory sheet.  (link to PDF spec inventory sheet here)  You’ll also hear more about their inventory and see a lot map at the end of the video in this model home Facebook Live tour I shot last week.

My favorite spec home they have available is the one for roughly $710k that finishes next month (Sept) at 10054 E 59th Ave.  The home is nearly 3,000 sf above grade (not including the unfinished basement), has 3 bedrooms upstairs then has a 4th bedroom in the Next Gen Suite.  If someone was willing to pull a “house hack” here they could live in the main house and rent out the Next Gen suite.  Rent that out, make an extra ~ $1,200 or so in rental income a month, throw that towards the mortgage and pay off your house in 12 years rather than 30.  It would take some work but you’d be happy you did it!  (Maybe I’m just dreaming on this idea…this is the time of day where I’m high on coffee and optimistic about all my ideas… but it seems like a great investment to me for someone willing to do the work).  Anyway, you can check out a Facebook Live quick walk through of this spec home below and we’d love to show you in person if you’re interested!

Well that’s the scoop on what Lennar has available in Stapleton’s North End neighborhood at the moment.  If you’d like help with your Stapleton home search we’d love to help. We work closely with all the builders and we’re active in the resale market too so we can help regardless of which path you choose.  If we can be of service my contact info is below.


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