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April 6, 2018

Last Lots Selling Soon in Stapleton’s “Beeler Park”

As I mentioned in last week’s Real Estate Update post, the builders are selling through their current lots quickly in Beeler Park, and we are going to see a gap (mid to late 2018) before lots become available in Stapleton’s newest neighborhood “North End” to the east of Beeler Park. Here’s a quick overview of what’s available if you’d like to build a new home before the gap in available lots.

New Build Inventory In Beeler Park:

Parkwood Homes:  Parkwood has been on fire with their sales.  They are now down to having just 1 spec home available in Beeler Park and zero lots available to build on.  (zero!)  The spec home is a completed single family Westport plan.  If you love Parkwood and you want to be living in a new one in Stapleton before 2020 (I say 2020 cause if you start to build one in 2019 they take a year to finish) your options are this spec home or a home in their new “Painted Ladies” series.  The Painted Ladies series just released their first 4 lots and they sold immediately.  There will be 4 more releasing soon then that’s it until the next neighborhood comes on-line.  (To learn more about the Painted Ladies series and hear how we’ll take you to San Fransisco if you’re the first one to build one of these with Focus Real Estate check out this post we just did!)

Infinity Homes:  Infinity Home Collection is down to a few lots left in their VIVE series and their LUXE series in Beeler Park, then buyers will be waiting for the next neighborhood.  These homes are all dirt starts and take 8-9 months to build.  (Infinity is excellent with their building timeframes so you can count on them)

Thrive home under construction in Beeler Park

Thrive Home Builders:   Thrive is chewing through their lots very quickly.  They’re affordable income qualified town homes, Elements,  are on a wait list.  Qualified buyers can likely get one still but it will be a late 2019 home delivery involved so it only works if you can be patient.  They’re down to a handful of lots in their Vita series (just a few plan 1, plan 2 and plan 3 options left…no plan 4 or 5 left!)  They have a few dirt starts and spec homes that are either done or done soon in their “Zero Energy Now” ZEN 2.0 series.  Lastly, they have 8 Panacea lots left (their latest collection).  You can check out the overall Panacea lot map here and then check out this document to see which plan sits on each lot.

Boulder Creek Builders:  In their ranch style home series Boulder Creek has 2 spec homes in Beeler Park, one of which has an all in price of $5557k (with a finished basement!) and then they have 17 more Beeler Park lots coming so they have some inventory still.  In the single family “wee cottage” series base priced in the $300k’s (learn more about this series here from a previous blog post Mariel Ross wrote) your options are running low!  They’ve sold the first 29 of these just about as quick as they’ve released them and they only have 7 lots to go.  If you want one of these 7 it’s possible but you’d need to get on it quick.

Wonderland home in Beeler Park

Wonderland Homes:  Wonderland has a handful of available spec homes (meaning homes that are completed or close to completion) in their Portrait series, their Prominence series, their 47th Ave rows series and their Freedom town home series.  The Freedom series has been selling especially quick lately with 9 sales in the last few weeks.  They still have some more lots to sell in this series though because it was one of the last series to start selling, so if you want a town home in the high $400k’s – high $500k’s this could be a great fit.

David Weekley Homes:   David Weekley Homes is nearly sold out in Beeler Park.  They have an available single family spec home Graham Peak plan that will be done around August 2018.  In their paired home series they have two spec homes remaining  in the high $400k’s/low $500k’s ready for July move in.  Both of these plans are the “Bushnell Peak” plan and you can check out a virtual tour of one here.  They also have 5 lots in this paired home series if you want to do a dirt start.

KB Home:  KB is sold out of their single family “Wildflower” collection and their mid Century modern “Starlight” collection.  In their KB paired home collection they have 3 quick move in specs in the mid $400k’s (all “Cedar” floor plans) left in Beeler Park.  (KB will be one of the first builders to get lots in “North End”, Stapleton’s up-coming neighborhood to the East of Beeler Park!  In the first filing of North End they’ll have 14 paired home lots and 3 “Starlight” range series lots.  I expect these first lots in this new area to start releasing in Fall 2018.

CalAtlantic Homes:  CalAtlantic has 4 spec homes in their paired home series that are available now and 6 dirt lots that could be built on.  They have a variety of plans available, some with basements and others without.  After these are gone they’re sold out in Beeler Park.

Creekstone Homes:  Creekstone has a paired home series with one spec home (the A3 Craftsman plan) and 6 lots left then they’re sold out in Beeler Park.

Lennar:  Fully sold out in Beeler Park.

There you have it! If we can answer questions or help you get the ball rolling on a new build home in Beeler Park, Mariel, Amy and I at Focus Real Estate are here to help! You can reach me at (720) 299-1730.

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