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August 2, 2018

KB Home Lots Available Now in Stapleton’s “North End”

Interested in what KB Home currently has available in Stapleton?  Look no further, we got updates for you from each of their different series for you and here’s the scoop!  (including details on an available single family home on a 6,200 sf lot which is tough to find!)

In this post our goal is to get you information on the specific lots and homes that KB Home has available in each series.  If you’re not familiar with what their various home series are you can check out this overview post we just did to get up to speed.

Before I jump in let me make sure you know where “North End” is within Stapleton.  Here’s a map that will help. 

KB Paired Home “Villas” Inventory Update:

KB paired home interior.

The popular paired home series known as the Villas are now being sold in North End.  They started selling there a few months ago and sales have been brisk so far.

Here is a builder lot map where you can see all of North End (zoom in on the “North End” section of the map)

Not all of the paired home lots on the  map are released for sale at this time.  Currently they have 5 paired homes available, 4 of which are the “Maple” plan and 1 of which is the “Cedar” plan.  Here are more details on these available homes.  As you can see on the map though they’ll have more lots to come so if you have your heart set on a particular plan you should be able to get it if you’re patient.

KB “Wildflower” Inventory Update:

KB Wildflower Collection

KB’s single family Wildflower series just became available in North End this week!  These single family homes face onto a courtyard and they all have oversized lots which is great.  They’ve released Woodlilly, Bluebonnet and Verbena floor plans in this first release.  (Not familiar with their plans?  You can see them here)



Here is a map showing where in North End this first release is located.  From there you can take a look at this zoomed in plat map showing the lots that are for sale right now.  Check out that lot #37, it’s over 6,200 sf which is really big for a home in this price range in Stapleton!  If you live in Stapleton and you’re looking for a home with a lot this size in the $500k’s you know that’s pretty much impossible to find!  This one will be gone soon.

If these first few lots they’ve released in North End don’t work for you don’t worry, they have more lots coming down the pipeline in this area.  If I were buying I’d review all the lots and start to stalk the one you want early before it’s gone.

KB Starlight Collection Inventory Update:

KB Starlight interior.

KB’s newest, and largest, series known as Starlight also has homes available in North End.  (Remember, if you need an overview of these series I’m talking about this is the post to check out)  These large ranch style homes have been selling really well and they only have 3 available lots at the moment (you can see those here!).  They have more lots coming but I wouldn’t sleep on these if you’re interested because by my count they only have 10 left total in the whole area.  Actually, if you look at their future lots and decide you like one it’s very likely you could put down a refundable check and reserve it.  (We’d love to help you with that!)  Here is a map where you can see all the lots in North End (SORRRY MAP REMOVED FOR THE SHORT TERM UNTIL IT BECOMES PUBLIC INFORMATION. I’LL HAVE ONE BACK UP SOON) and the Starlight ones are grey and labelled “H12”.

These updates get dated quick because lots sell fast.  If you want to stay informed on all things “North End” sign up here and we’ll keep you posted!

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Well that’s the scoop on what KB Home has available in Stapleton at the moment!  If you’re interested in building a new home in Stapleton we’d love to help.  All of our agents live in Stapleton and have built new homes for their families as well as their clients!  Here is what some of those recent clients have to say about working with Focus Real Estate.  Let us know if we can be of service!

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