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Join the Northeast Community Co-op Market Today!

Have you heard of the Northeast Community Co-op Market coming to the Stapleton/N Aurora area?  The co-op, which will be member-owned, will offer fresh, healthy, local foods in a more unique setting than your typical grocery store.  In fact, the Co-op is hoping to open in the Stanley Aviation redevelopment which is right along the Stapleton/N Aurora border along 26th Ave.

CO-OP Market

The co-op is to a point now where they are accepting members for $200.  So far nearly 600 members have joined but we need more!  I know it can be tough to fork over that amount of money on what still feels like a speculative venture (I admit I thought about it for a few minutes before pulling the trigger!) but if you want local “mom and pop” stores and better food then this is your chance to make it happen!

I  look forward to the interesting and diverse types of foods but I’m also excited because it adds character and uniqueness to Stapleton while also building community with our surrounding neighborhoods.

I’m very excited to be an early member in the group and I hope to add some value to the group beyond the initial investment as it grows.

Please take a moment to watch the video below that the Northeast Community Co-op market put together an also take some time to check out their website.  Most importantly, become a member today and let’s get this thing rolling for the benefit of our family and our neighborhoods!

To watch the video click here!

To check out the website and become a member click here!

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