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August 25, 2014

Johnny, “The Voice” Vendor at Stapleton Starbucks


Do you know Johnny, the guy who sells “The Voice” newspaper outside of Stapleton’s Starbucks on 29th Ave?  If you go to Starbucks  with any regularity I’m sure you know him.  He is always out front, dressed in his signature hat and boots, and he always has a warm welcome for you.


If you didn’t catch it a while back,  John “Johnny” Alexander was featured in The Voice newspaper.  To learn more about his life, his struggles and the positive changes he’s made click here.

Johnny is a contributing  member of our community and chatting with him has become a daily part of the routine.  Based on all the other people I see him talking to I don’t think I’m the only one that has come to appreciate him.

Next time you are by Starbucks and you see him make a point to introduce yourself and say hi.  You won’t meet a nicer guy.

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