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September 3, 2019

Infinity’s Last Few Stapleton Lots Available in 2019

Considering building a new home in Stapleton with Infinity? Then read on!

Last week we at Focus Real Estate made the rounds as a team and got ourselves up to speed on what Infinity, and all the Stapleton builders, have available in “North End”.  (quick story is they’re running low on lots!)

In this update we’ll give you the inventory update on the Luxe, Vive and Alto series from Infinity Home Collection in Stapleton as well as provide you with a few Facebook Live videos we did while we were out there.  We did one video at an amazing (and available!) spec Luxe home across from the new pool and then we did another at a Vive series plan 1 home that our clients were closing on this week so you could see what those are like.

Before we jump in, if you’re not familiar with Infinity or what they build in Stapleton you can get some background from this previous Infinity blog post we wrote.

So what does Infinity have available right now?

Luxe series:

As we dive in let’s start with the largest series, the Luxe homes. In this series Infinity has one completed Plan 1 elevation B spec home available at 5908 N Elmira Ct facing the new pool.  It’s priced all in at $1,251,767.  You can get more details in the MLS listing  (listed by Andrew Nagel with Re/Max of Cherry Creek for full disclosure) or you can virtually walk that one with me here in this Facebook Live:

IF the plan 1 spec is not for you (maybe you want to pick out your own finishes, we get it) then you’ll be happy to know they have a Plan 2 spec home that is at the dirt phase and you can pick out all your finishes.  Expect homes in this series to finish out in the $1.2M – $1.5M range.

Other than those 2 options Luxe is sold out at the moment.  I expect 5 additional Luxe lots to be released in North End from this series later in 2019 but they’re in no hurry to release them. On this map you can see the available lots in green and the 5 future release lots in blue.

The lots in the second half of North End (600+ more homes) aren’t likely going to be available to the builder until starting some time in 2020, so Infinity is cautious about releasing the lots too fast and having a gap where they don’t have any available for a while.  So we’ll wait and see how that plays out.  If you’re interested we can help you “stalk” the lot you love, that’s part of the value we add as Stapleton-focused agents.

Vive Home series:

The Vive series has sold really well and is very limited in inventory right now.  There are none available but Infinity is planning to release 4 Vive lots in early September.  The lots are near a little pocket park in North End and they’re located on one-way streets which are nice.  You can see the lots in this map.  The lots premiums are $45k – $50k and base prices start at $789,900 on these homes.  Expect these homes to finish out in the high $900k’s – $1.1M range depending on the selections you make.  If you think this could be the series for you we’d love to chat and see if we can be of service.  You pay the same price to the builder whether you have an agent or not so why not have someone experienced on your side?  If you want to see what a Vive home is like I just did this quick Facebook Live of a Plan 1 we closed with a buyer client this week.  Check it out!

Alto Home series: 

The Alto series is sold out at the moment.  More to come on this series in the near future.  If you’re interested I’d say let’s stay close to the builder as they’ll have some inventory of spec homes coming soon.  These homes build out in the mid $700k’s to upper $800k’s range typically.

Well that’s it for the latest update on Infinity Home Collection in Stapleton.  If you’re interested in building one I can think of two valuable things we can leave you with that may help.

First, we have been through the Infinity new build process a few times and some of our great, detailed oriented clients have provided us with their custom spreadsheets they built to track all the selections.  They said we can use them with other clients and we’re happy to share them.  Email me at joe@focus-realtors.com and I’ll send them to you.  (and I’ll only pester you like a Realtor 1 or 2 times at most…I promise!)

Second, when we get to help clients through the new build process we can offer them discounted commissions on the sale of their current home. (if they have one) As the listing agent on your home I’m happy to help sell your home for a big commission discount because the builder pays our fee on the new build side.  If you’re curious let’s chat.

Thanks for checking out the scoop on Infinity home collection!


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