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October 25, 2019

Halloween Parties for the People at Stanley Marketplace

We love holidays here at Stanley, so of course we’re hosting a few different events focused on October’s big holiday, Halloween. Read on for details.

Colween for Our Adult Friends

Coloween is this Saturday night and it’s going to be lit, as the young folks say. This is a massive party for adults, with DJs flown in from Las Vegas and unlimited drinks and a costume contest with $1500 in cash prizes.

The producers of Coloween are pro event planners who launched this party a decade ago. It used to take place in big hotels in downtown Denver, including the Curtis Hotel. But they decided they wanted a larger space with more room for activations like a bouncy castle (!) and a sexy alien organism (!!).

The main area of Coloween will be inside The Hangar, with two stages and nonstop dance parties, but several Stanley businesses are participating, too — so guests can explore different areas of the marketplace and even grab some snacks throughout the evening.

Coloween includes unlimited drinks for attendees, “Stranger Things” art installations, a rocket ship and lasers, and all sorts of theatrics. There’s a High Noon Day Drinking of the Dead area, an Exotico tequila bar, Mile High Spirits cocktails, plus craft beer from Cheluna and a special Breckenridge Brewery activation inside Denver Biscuit Co. That’s, like, half the list of features the organizers shared with us.

Maybe most exciting of all, Coloween is expecting a couple thousand guests decked out in fantastic costumes. We’ve seen photos from previous events, and we’re psyched to see what kind of creatively clad humans (and aliens!) land at Stanley this Saturday night.

For more info on Coloween and for tickets, go here. And use code Area51 for a “buy two, get two” special.

Trick or Treating for our Kiddo Friends

Stanley’s only been open for just-under three years, but one of the most popular traditions we’ve established so far is trick or treating at Stanley. That takes place this Sunday afternoon. We’re expecting big crowds, lots of costumes, a bunch of zombies, and hopefully some nice donations for Kids Compassion Project.

Our family friendly Halloween celebration begins at 2:30PM, when Neighborhood Music hosts a zombie crawl — because everyone needs to see 100 zombies bumping their way through a massive food hall and marketplace! That’s followed immediately by a “Thriller” flash mob — also a site to behold — and after those two things are over, trick or treating begins.

Side bar: If you’re coming to Stanley this Sunday, please don’t try to start trick or treating before the “Thriller” flash mob is over!

One of the great things about trick or treating at Stanley is that adults can carry around their adult beverages while the kids politely amass buckets full of candy. We have a bunch of Stanley businesses that are legally allowed to sell adults an adult beverage in a specially marked To Go cup that may be enjoyed throughout Stanley’s common areas and on our west patio and southeast plaza. Treats for everyone!

There’s a #dogoodbegood component of trick or treating at Stanley, too. (Of course there is.) Our nonprofit partners Kids Compassion Project is hosting Pumpkin Wars on Sunday — a fun fundraiser for their organization. The weather forecast shows a likelihood of snow on Sunday, so chances are we’ll move Pumpkin Wars somewhere inside. Follow their event page for details.

And even if you’re not participating in Pumpkin Wars, we ask all families trick or treating at Stanley who are able to do so to donate $5 to Kids Compassion Project — they’ll have a table set up for that purpose.

We typically get a few thousand people at Stanley for our trick or treating event, so don’t be surprised if you need to park on a nearby street. (Carry an umbrella if it’s snowing!) You’re also welcome to come early for a family lunch or brunch, of course, and to spend the rest of the day with us, too.

Here’s the trick or treating info one more time.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


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