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January 1, 2016

“Free Night Out” Giveaway Winner for January

I’m excited to announce this month’s winner of the Stapleton Scoop “Free Night Out” giveaway, Jessica Ennis!

The night out includes dinner for two at Mici’s, two Harkins movie tickets and cash for the babysitter (or movie snacks) all courtesy of our local sponsors: Mici’s Handcrafted Italian, Lisa Kerin-Welch from Allstate and Budget Blinds!

Want a chance to win each month?  It is super easy!!  Just sign up for the Stapleton Scoop!

I’ll draw a totally random winner each month.  Future winners will be announced via Stapleton Scoop social media (Twitter and Facebook) as well as via the email I send to subscribers every other Friday with links to the latest blog posts.

I added 3 sponsors on the blog a while back which you see on the right side of the home page.  Adding the sponsors wasn’t about making money, it’s about supporting some great local businesses that I use often and giving you, the readers, the benefit of the sponsorship money via this night out giveaway.  A win for local businesses and a win for you, the readers!

I chose the night out as the gift because I know how hard it is, especially once you have kids,  to make time away from the hustle & bustle to get away with your significant other.

So sign up for the Scoop and you’ll receive the latest posts every other Friday via email.  If you know of others in the area who may want to sign up feel free to share this with them!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com

3 Responses

  1. mm

    So excited! Thanks Joe!!

  2. mm

    Glad you won, I’m sure you deserve a night out with your husband! Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial on maps! it looks relaly interesting and it was nice seeing the old hidey holes again after so long!.a0 We cant wait to try it out (though sadly we have to as our server and newly-acquired mods are currently out of service!).a0 Ah well.I guess poor Notch will be working through the day and night bug fixing!.

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