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October 23, 2015

Do you have the “when/thens”?

I was reading a book recently called “Take the Stairs” by Rory Vaden and it explained the danger of the “when/thens”. What the heck are the when/thens? The when/thens are when we tell ourselves things like “when the kids all get into school then I’ll have time to start exercising” or “when I get my […]

September 16, 2015

7 Ways To Keep Your Stapleton Home Secure

Security seems to be a hot topic around Stapleton lately.  Whether you are at dinner with friends or out front talking with the neighbors it seems to be the common theme of conversations.  Unfortunately there have been a string of break ins that have gotten the community a bit on edge. Usually I am of […]

September 1, 2015

Is it Time to Make a Job Change?

Do you think it could be time for a career change? Maybe time to change companies, fields or go out and do something completely on your own? There is one easy way to know for sure and I call it the “Sunday evening test”. If you’re irritable, grumpy, more likely to argue with your spouse […]

August 28, 2015

Why Reading with Kids Matters (and a way you can help others in our area!)

If you’re like many Stapleton families I bet reading with the kids is part of the bedtime routine.  I have to admit we got pretty far out of this routine in the summer months but school is back and so are the good routines!  The kids also have the benefit of some high ranking schools and […]

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