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July 6, 2016

“Azure” – Beautiful Local Furniture with a Purpose

When Corbin Clay, the owner of the local furniture company “Azure”, learned the extent of beetle kill wood that was available in Colorado he wanted to make the most of a bad situation. How could he use his skills as a furniture craftsman to help utilize all this dead beetle kill wood that could otherwise go to waste?  The answer is he laser focused his furniture company on the problem, producing only beautiful “clean line” furniture using 100% beetle kill wood.  Read on to learn more and to find out how you can win a free Belford Coffee Table & how you can get free delivery to Stapleton on any order!

Corbin originally made furniture with other types of wood but in beetle kill he found his niche.  It allows him to use his craftsman skills and run a successful company all while being part of solving a bigger problem.  I think that is the dream most of us small business owners strive for; a product you are proud of and a purpose larger than yourself.  It’s a win for the environment, for his company and especially for the customers who get a stunning heirloom-quality piece created by hand just 10 minutes from Stapleton.  This is an awesome company I am proud to support.

Azure has a full collection of furniture items you’ll love.  Farm tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, mirrors, shelves, benches, media carts & more!  You can check them all out here on their website.  Is there a spot in your home that would look great with one of these pieces?

When I met with Corbin he explained that Stapleton is a great market for his company already.  They sell a lot of furniture in the neighborhood.  It makes sense, as you know Stapleton has a lot of people who value something beautiful, local and environmentally friendly.  This furniture, although a good value for the quality you’re getting, is not the least expensive you can find.  It’s furniture for people who have had the cheap, almost disposable stuff, before and they are looking for an heir loom piece to feature in their home.  Most of the products are in the $400 – $1,100 range.

Of all the pieces the Shavano Farm Table and the Belford Coffee Table are the most popular by far.

Azure is committed to not only building with beetle kill, but also to building pieces that are simple in design, allowing the beautiful uniqueness of the wood to be the star of the show.

When they are building they ask themselves two questions.

1 –  Is it necessary?  Meaning they don’t add any detail or design element that is just there to be there.  It must have a purpose.

2 –  Is it made as simply and beautiful as possible?  If not, they go back to work until it’s right.

Azure does offer some customization for their customers.  They are not looking to build completely new custom pieces, but they will work with you on the size of your piece from their collection so it fits perfectly into your home.

Most of the buyers search their collection online and then take a trip down to the shop which is just minutes from Stapleton.  There they can meet Corbin, tour the facility and even meet the person who will be building your piece.  How cool is that?  Not your typical furniture buying experience.

Azure has been in business for 6 years and they stand behind their work, providing a lifetime warranty on all of their furniture.

To show Stapleton their appreciation for their business Azure is offering free delivery any time on any order!  Just use the promo code “SCOOP” when placing your order, whether its over the phone, online or in person.

Ready to order a piece for your home?  The process takes about 2-3 weeks typically.  Start the process online and then if you want to tour the facility before you buy here is the contact information:

Azure website

Phone #: (303) 399-3750

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