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And Now it’s Time to Listen…Opening up a Dialogue with Those we don’t Agree With

It was Veterans Day and I was anticipating calling my dad because he served in the Marines during Vietnam and I always call him on Veterans Day. This year was different. This year I needed to gain my courage to call him. Why do you ask? Well, let me first describe a bit about my […]

Being a Caretaker, for Yourself

Many realizations happen in one’s life due to life altering experiences. My realization occurred after my daughter was birthed into the world. My daughter had a challenging entry into the world. She suffered from meconium aspiration (inhaling her feces during birth) and had to spend the first 8 days of her new life in the […]

Meditation for Beginners: How to Start and Maintain a Practice

In the previous article I shared my journey into meditation, the benefits I received and the science behind those benefits. If you would also like to have shifts and improvements in your life through meditation, this is the place to get you started. When incorporating any new routine in daily living, it is essential to […]

Meditation for Beginners: My Journey and the Science Behind It

It was a brisk fall morning in September as I found myself sitting in my car sipping tea watching the sun stream through the trees. I was parked in front of an old stone building in Boulder with a sign out front, which read “Shambala Institute”. I felt a bit of trepidation and was stalling […]

About Shauna Twardzik-Heine

Shauna is originally from upstate New York and has called Denver home since 2001. Shauna is a trained artist and educator, earning her undergraduate degree in Buffalo, NY and her Masters of Fine Arts degree in the United Kingdom.

Motherhood gave Shauna the opportunity to close the chapter of teaching college and high school ceramics/photography after 12 years. In this next chapter, Shauna is exploring her many passions: Meditation, photography, vegan lifestyle, guiding women’s groups and blessingways, being in nature, travel, being a homemaker, and allowing all the beautiful surprises the future will bring. Shauna lives in Stapleton with her husband Jason and her daughter Priya.
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