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May 20, 2020

Saving Your 2020 Summer Vacation

Everyone has experienced the 5 stages of grief this spring. Denial. “Everything is fine. This is such a bunch of hype!” Anger. “How dare this happen to my spring/summer vacation! ‘People need to chill out’ followed by ‘why aren’t people taking this more seriously!’” Bargaining. “This will pass if we just relax and look at […]

December 12, 2019

Planning Your Family’s Spring Break 2020 Adventure

It’s that time of year again and Spring Break is right around the corner. I’ve been booking spring break trips for several months and certain popular places are starting to book up already. The sooner the better when it comes to getting what you want for a semi reasonable cost. People view spring break in […]

Hot Destinations for Summer Family Travel 2019

It’s May, and the season when summer travel planning is in full swing. While spring break is usually viewed as a “take-it-easy” type of vacation, summer vacations usually afford families a lot more time. Therefore, there’s room to get a little more creative. Families usually start planning their summer vacations with me fairly early – […]

July 18, 2018

Three Perfect Girl’s Trips

Moms. Working moms. Stay at home moms. Single moms. We all have a pretty tough job. Like exhausting most of the time, even if we present an image on Facebook that life is peachy! We all know it isn’t perfect a lot of the time and we need a break! What we all need is […]

About Melissa Downham

Melissa Downham is owner of Roaming Family Travel, a travel agent affiliate of Departure Lounge Travel Advising. She is also founder of family travel blog The Roaming Family a blog that seeks to inspire families to travel more. She lives in the neighbohood with her husband and two children.

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