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November 8, 2019

This Week In Stapleton Real Estate 11.8.19

Welcome to our Stapleton “spec home” bonanza!  In this week’s real estate update, I wanted to spend some time talking about Stapleton’s spec home market.  Right now there are over 20 new homes in Stapleton’s North End that are complete or almost complete, but that don’t have buyers yet.  Spec homes often have attractive pricing […]

November 3, 2019

The Scoop on Aly Warren and Stapleton’s Lash Envy

You know we love to give you the scoop on new local businesses – especially when we have firsthand experience! This week we wanted to introduce you to Stapleton neighbor Aly Warren and her company Lash Envy, Inc.  Ever wonder how celebs get that fresh eyed look?  Lash extensions!  Check out Lisa Palladino’s video above […]

October 14, 2019

Stapleton’s new parks are amazing!

One of my favorite aspects of living in Stapleton is our wonderful park system.  From bike trails to swimming pools to sports fields to parks, we’re fortunate to live surrounded by beautiful, useable outdoor spaces. Stapleton currently has 9 MCA large parks and 32 small MCA parks.  There are also 10 Denver Parks & Recreation […]

October 10, 2019

This Week In Stapleton Real Estate 10.11.19

Welcome to the start of another amazing weekend in Colorado – and how about a snow storm to start us off?  Crazy weather is part of the joy of Colorado – so you know this weekend is going to be beautiful (although my sons thought the snow was the greatest thing EVER).  Why not get […]

About Mariel Ross

Mariel Ross is a Stapleton real estate broker and Northfield Stapleton resident. She is a regular contributor to the Scoop and loves to write about building her new home, her latest Pinterest obsessions, and anything related to "big data".

(720) 316-7653 | mariel@focus-realtors.com
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