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March 26, 2020

A Resource for Leaders (psst…that’s you!)

We’re in unprecedented times.  It’s easy to get down, be pessimistic or just be paralyzed by it all.

But Stapleton is a community full of leaders and I know many of you are looking to do your best in tough times, and help others do the same.

“Leader” may be a term that makes you say “oh that’s not me”, but I bet you’re more of a leader than you realize.  Yes, leader could mean someone at a large company with lots of direct reports but it also includes someone on a small team, someone that has kids that look up to them, etc.  No matter where you fall in that spectrum of leadership, right now you absolutely have a chance to lead others.

Last week I was in the mindset of trying to think through how I can respond well to this mess when I got an email from Michael Hyatt, a leadership expert.  He created a course called “Leading through Crisis” and I want to share it with you in this post.

First off, I’m not in any way affiliated to this group or getting paid for promoting their course.  I’m just sharing it with you because I’m 2 videos into the 6 video course and I’m getting value out of it personally.  I’ve always liked Michael’s books and podcasts so I figured I’d like this course too.  And I have so far.

The course provides you with videos and supporting “homework” that will give you a framework for how to process this whole situation and lead those you are responsible for in the best way possible. Unless you’ve been through this before (no one can raise their hand on that one) I think this course will add value and easily pay for itself.

I’m going through the course with a few friends from the neighborhood so we watch the video then discuss the topic, our thoughts and how it applies to us.  I know it’s a huge mindset help for me by starting my day with this group each morning.  It only takes about 20 minutes.  (Idea: shift 20 minutes of watching the news to doing this instead.)

I wont’ go into more detail here.  You can learn more about it, watch and video on it and see if it it interests you in the link below.

We’re gonna be in this thing for a while.  Negativity and the sharing of bad news is easy (and abundant already…and pointless.)  Do something different and be the leader in your sphere that looks forward with optimism.  We’ll get through this.

Leading Through Crisis 

Feel free to share with other leaders in your life!

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