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7 Things To Know About New Home Builder Contracts

Building a new home in Stapleton, or any neighborhood, from the ground up can be a great experience.  My family and I did it, we love our new home and I’ve been lucky enough to help other families navigate the building process as well.    That said, buying new is very different from buying a […]

April 4, 2019

Building a New Home: My 4 Best Tips for Your Pre-Drywall Walk

What you need to know for your first major inspection on your new home Follow me as I walk through this under-construction Lennar home If you’re building a home, your first opportunity to do a formal walk-through will likely be right before your builder installs drywall. Framing, HVAC, electrical wires, outlets, plumbing, can lights, A/V […]

January 15, 2013

New Home Building FAQ

Many people looking to buy in Stapleton are looking to build a new home with one of Stapleton’s builders, rather than purchasing a “resale” home that is already built.  Since building a new home is so different than just purchasing an already existing one I’ve created this Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) page to help people […]

Why Hire a Realtor for Your Stapleton New Build?

Here at Focus Real Estate we’re occasionally asked why someone would hire a real estate broker to help with designing and building a new home in Stapleton. Everyone is familiar with real estate brokers assisting with resale home, both the sell side and buy side, but how does a broker fit into the new build […]

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