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February 2, 2015

5 Reasons To Check Out Stapleton Fellowship Church

This last weekend my daughters and I had a chance to experience Stapleton Fellowship Church.  It was a great experience and I wondered how many other people in Stapleton have been curious about the church in the hangar but never felt comfortable checking it out.  So based on my first time there I wanted to share 5 reasons I thought you may want to check it out to!

1.  They understand how to make people feel welcome.

I’ve been a Catholic my whole life so walking into different types of churches can be a little intimidating.  (As I’m sure it is for non-Catholics who attend a Catholic mass)  When I arrived I was greeted by at least 4 different people.  They were all very welcoming and willing to help me get the girls into the daycare.  They also offered me a coffee along with pastries (which you can bring into the service which is nice!).  They even brought me a little gift basket when they found out I was new.  My point is they made me very comfortable and I felt welcome from the start.  I’m not here to beat up on any church but I think that is one area where we as Catholics could learn a few things.  If we’re going to evangelize and grow the church we may need to think about the “customer experience” we provide.  (Again, I’m not pointing any fingers cause I’m part of the church so it’s my job too)  If you intimidated to walk in and try Stapleton Fellowship Church don’t be, I can tell that all are welcome!

2.  The church is very informal.

I list this as a reason to check it out because for some of you an informal church setting is more appealing and welcoming than a traditional one.  Honestly, I fall somewhere in the middle I think.  I like some parts of the formal Catholic mass but during some of the more ritualistic parts my eyes can glaze over and I can start to wonder if the Broncos really can beat the Colts later that day or if Manning will choke.  (sorry to bring that up)  On the flip side, sometimes the contemporary music at more informal churches can be too much for me and it can become more distracting than useful.  If you find that you best connect with God in an informal and contemporary setting you may want to check out this church.

3.  The building is awesome!

How many times have you been to church in an old hangar?  Um…zero.  I like how they kept the aviation theme going in the building.  Very different and worth checking out.  Nice, new building without the old church issues you run into sometimes.  Great facility.

4.  Very kid friendly.

Parents are very welcome at the church and that is clear by the services they provide.  They have awesome daycare, including a nursery for the little ones, a preschool section and then a different area for older kids.  This allowed me to drop all 3 girls off so I could go in and experience the service without constant interruption.  How nice!  All of that is free if you want to come check it out.  All 3 girls did great, including our one year old Sloane.

5.  They are focused on service and action, not just going to church one hour a week.

If you want a church that is all about fellowship and service this one will appeal to you.  I’m impressed by all they have going on and I love how they are trying to incorporate their faith into their whole week, not just their Sunday morning.  Click below on just a few examples of various ministries they have going on that you could try!

Financial Peace University

“MOPS” (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Student Ministries

Hope this has encouraged you to give Stapleton Fellowship Church a try!  I think you’ll find it was worth your time.  Thanks to Michael Sherer and Sally Petterson for taking the time to each invite me to the church.

For more info on worship services to check out and more check out the Stapleton Fellowship Church website or call them at (303) 321-1014.

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