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February 5, 2015

10 New Standard Pacific Homes Lots Released In “Willow Park East”!

If you’ve been waiting for a Standard Pacific Homes lot in Stapleton’s newest neighborhood, Willow Park East, the time has come. They just released 10 new lots!   Read on to find out more info about these lots as well as details and a map on all their other available Stapleton lots.

The market is still tight in Stapleton, with not a ton of inventory and homes moving at a pretty good pace.  It’s not a buyer feeding frenzy as it was a while back but new and resale homes are still moving and the best lots out of each lot release are usually snatched up quickly.

The latest 10 lots will feature a mix of 3 homes from their “Bloom” series, which is a detached homes series with homes in the 2,100 – 2,600 sf range not including the optional finished basements.  As far as price goes I don’t have the specific prices of each home on the block yet but they will likely start in the very high $400k’s – mid $500k’s.  After taking into account your finishes, lot premiums, structural options (finished basement, covered porch, etc) these homes are a good fit for someone who wants an end price in the very high $500k’s to mid $600k’s.

If this sounds like something that may fit your needs check out our Standard Pacific Pinterest board to see floor plans and pictures of their model homes.

Click here to check out a lot map where I’ve highlighted all the available lots which I’ll discuss below.  (note the lots that are not circled are future lots that are not yet released)  If you are unsure of where this zoomed in map is here is a larger Stapleton area map that should help you get your bearings.  The zoomed in map will be towards the top of the larger map.

I’ve circled on the map the 10 new lots which are on the North side of Willow Park East between 54th and 55th Ave. The cluster of 10 available lots has homes that face North or South so early buyers will have their pick.  I like that they are tucked into the neighborhood and not located on what I expect to be busy streets.  They are an easy 5 block walk to the new high school (but not too close!), they are short walk to lots of parks and not far from Maverick pool.  Overall these lots are my favorites of what they have available.

I’ve also circled the 6 available lots North of 55th.  These lots are North facing and although they front to a narrow “park” they also front towards 56th ave (which I added on to the map to show you) which I expect will be busy for concerts, school traffic, etc.  Every buyer is different and values unique things about a home, but if it were mine I would go for the more insulated lots further into the neighborhood.

Standard Pacific also still has 4 South facing lots on 50th Drive available down further on the map in Conservatory Green.  (also circled for you)  I do like this location a lot because it’s just steps to Maverick Pool, other green spaces and very easy to hop on to I-70.  My thought on these lots would be to get the ones furthest west on the block if possible to be further away from Central Park Blvd which I expect to be busy.

Lastly, I’ve circled one inventory home (meaning home they have built but not sold yet) on 49th Drive in Conservatory Green.  It’s a decked out Zinnia plan with a finished basement and a south facing lot.  I think it’s still around because they did include a lot of finishes, including the basement, which makes the total price $677k.  It has been on the market a while so if you are interested you might be able get the builder to accept less than the asking price on this one.  Most builders aren’t discounting their homes but they may from time to time if one sits.

Here is an Inventory Sheet showing you many of the details on the homes I discussed above.  (I don’t have pricing on the brand new 10 lots but will soon)

If you have any interest in these lots or other homes in Stapleton I’m here to help.  As a local resident and real estate broker I can help you find the right home to fit your needs whether it’s new or resale!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com



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