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August 16, 2016

The Value of Starting a Business with your Kids

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I never really thought much about having my own business. It just wasn’t a topic much in my household. The plan was always go to college and get a good job. Now that I have my own kids and now that I’ve experienced both […]

Need Help Navigating the Preschool & Kindergarten Process?

“How does the preschool and kindergarten process work in Stapleton?” It’s a common question when I’m working with home buyers who are new to the Stapleton area and I’m happy to have a new resource to point people to for answers!  It’s a new company called “Preparing for Denver Kindergarten”. I met with co-founder Keely […]

Teach Your Kids to Share…Even their Nanny?!

Nanny shares are super popular- especially in Stapleton! You might wonder what exactly is a nanny share? There are two different types of nanny shares: 1) Multiple families sharing the same nanny at the same time. 2) Multiple families utilizing the same nanny at different times. (I.E. family A has the nanny Monday, Wednesday and […]

Vacation Volunteering

My husband I have been talking about the possibility of vacation volunteering with children….meaning going on a family vacation, and donating our time for a worthy cause. The idea intrigues us for many reasons. Mainly, we feel like the kids need a bit of a reality check sometimes. Hearing that it’s “the worst day ever” […]

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