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July 18, 2018

Three Perfect Girl’s Trips

Moms. Working moms. Stay at home moms. Single moms. We all have a pretty tough job. Like exhausting most of the time, even if we present an image on Facebook that life is peachy! We all know it isn’t perfect a lot of the time and we need a break! What we all need is […]

January 18, 2018

Why an African Safari Is a Must for Families

We were fortunate enough to experience an African safari in November. To date, it has been our favorite trip of all time and I maintain that an African safari is a must for families. A safari isn’t easy to plan. Number one, Africa is a huge continent with 53 countries, so picking one or two […]

Spring Break 2017 Destinations

Spring break travel to traditionally “easy” places like Mexico is at an all time high. Flights and accommodations from Denver to Cancun/Riviera Maya have been booked for months and those that aren’t cost 3 times what they were last year. Travel is up, especially to Mexico. If you haven’t booked your Spring Break yet, you […]

Vacation Volunteering

My husband I have been talking about the possibility of vacation volunteering with children….meaning going on a family vacation, and donating our time for a worthy cause. The idea intrigues us for many reasons. Mainly, we feel like the kids need a bit of a reality check sometimes. Hearing that it’s “the worst day ever” […]

About Melissa Downham

Melissa Downham is the owner of Z. Noelle Photography, a family and portrait photography studio. In addition, Melissa owns Roaming Family Travel, a travel agent affiliate of Departure Lounge Travel Advising. She is wife to Keith and mother to Max and Zoe.


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