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About the Stapleton Scoop

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog about life in Stapleton! This page will share a little bit about us personally & give you an overview of the blog.

My name is Joe Phillips and I live in the Stapleton neighborhood with my family which includes my wife Mandi, my 3 young daughters (Emerson “Emme” (8), Tatum “Tater Tot” (6) and Sloane (“Sloney Pony”) (3) and our small dog “Major” (age unknown as he is largely neglected due to children). Once we decided Stapleton was our long term neighborhood where we’d raise the girls & we built a new home here I decided it would be my main area of focus as a real estate broker.

The blog came from my desire to learn everything I could about the Stapleton neighborhood and share it with others who may find the information useful. I’ve been producing the blog for several years now and it’s been a great source of new info, friends, clients and relationships in the area.

I write posts and shoot videos about things I think the Stapleton community will find interesting. For example…news in the area, community events, school information, parenting, good causes to support, local businesses, and personal things in my life that I think you could relate to. Of course I have a wealth of new and resale real estate information on the site (I am a real estate broker!) but it’s never presented in a sales pitch… it’s just good info you may find useful.

After a few years Mariel Ross came along and joined me on the Scoop. She’s the mom of 2 wonderful boys and wife of a patient and loving, golf obsessed husband (really, they have a custom putting green in the basement).  Mariel had great fun building her new Parkwood townhome in Conservatory Green and loves to talk about new construction anytime.

So how did Mariel end up at the Scoop?  After a fruitful career in Quality/Patient Safety and Research Administration at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Mariel transitioned to real estate to follow her passion for helping neighbors and friends find their perfect home!  She’s the author of our monthly neighborhood updates, “Inside Scoop” articles and Anschutz Campus related news.

In addition to Mariel and I we have 10+ regular Stapleton resident contributors who write about topics they are passionate about such as education, local businesses, health & fitness, parenting, relationships, faith, Autism, interior design, travel, Stanley Marketplace & more!  There are also quite a few other regular contributors to the Scoop from the neighborhood.  Anyone who has a relevant message that will add value to the lives of the readers and wants to contribute on a regular basis is welcome.  (Interested in being a contributor? Check out this post!)

If you have any questions we are here to help.  You can reach Joe at joe@focus-realtors.com or (720) 299-1730 and you can reach Mariel at mariel@focus-realtors.com or (720) 316-7653.

Thanks for reading the Scoop!

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